You’re one good workout away from a good mood. Luckily for you, we specialise in only the very best workouts!
Our Group Training Club is where FUN meets RESULTS, with every workout leaving you bursting with renewed energy, vigour and real thirst for more…
It really is time to feel AWESOME!

MyPT Zone

Work your way through three challenging ‘zones’ of resistance training, cardio and athletic conditioning – each designed to test your limits like nothing before.

These sessions take place around our functional rig and are suitable for all levels and abilities – including complete beginners.

MyPT Burn

MyPT Burn is our full-body resistance session, designed and led by Croydon’s number 1 Personal Training team.

You’ll be sure to ‘feel the burn’, as you squat, lift, push and pull your way towards your ideal physique this summer.

These sessions perfectly complement our MyPT Muscle programme and are perfect for those confident with our main ‘compound’ resistance exercises, with at least one month of resistance training under their belt.

As with all sessions at MyPT, Burn sessions feature 5 levels of progressions and regressions and come complete with one of our incredible Personal Trainers at each and every session!

MyPT Sweat

MyPT Sweat is a high-energy full body session designed to test heart, lungs and just about every muscle in the body!

This session mixes resistance training with short, sweaty bouts of HIIT, leaving you feeling incredible after every session.

This session is perfect for complete beginners, through to our regular exercisers looking for that extra push. You’ll find 5 levels of difficulty at every session, with all the help you need from our Personal Training team.

MyPT Tribe

Feel the power of your MyPT Tribe!

Tribe is the perfect session for anyone looking for that extra push towards toward their goals.

Receive the support and guidance from our team of advanced Personal Trainers, along with that extra motivation that comes from your ‘tribe’!

Test your limits, track your progress, supercharge your results – with MyPT Tribe!

This session is perfect for anyone with at least 1 month of training under their belt in any of our other Group PT sessions.

Surround yourself with those who are going to lift you higher. Surround yourself with your tribe!

MyPT Flow

MyPT Flow is the perfect addition to your training routine, designed to ease tension from those tired, weary muscles.

This full-body bodyweight session fuses elements of yoga, pilates and animal ‘flow’ movements with some of our Personal Training favourites, to leave you feeling flexible and mobile and ready to tackle the rest of your week head-on.

This session is perfect for complete beginners through to our regular exercisers and is led by one of our Personal Training mobility experts. Expect to learn all about what your body is capable of – along with what it isn’t!

MyPT Sprint

How many calories can you burn in 30 minutes?

MyPT Sprint is our fast-paced, high-octane Cycle session, designed to torch calorie burn and rev metabolism in the shortest time possible.

This is perfect for those starting out with us along with our regular exercisers. Our Personal Trainers will be on hand to push you through your comfort zone within our upbeat, high-energy cycle amphitheatre.


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