We’re more than just a gym.
We’re revolutionising your fitness experience.

Ever wondered if there’s more to working out than plodding along on a treadmill? Ever felt frustrated at the lack of support on offer at your local gym, or considered how much better your results could be if you knew exactly how to train and what to eat to reach your potential?

MyPT The Gym is the answer.

It’s our brand-new, luxury gym in the very heart of Croydon, just a short walk from East Croydon Train Station. Hands down, we’re the best gym in Croydon – complete with innovative training equipment, state-of-the art cardio, weights and functional zones, luxury changing rooms, male and female saunas and towel service.

But we’re much more than just a gym. We’re absolutely everything you need to achieve your health and fitness goals – and we’re transforming the fitness industry, one step at a time.

Your own Personal Trainer in Croydon

Having run a thriving Personal Trainer Studio for over seven years, we know what works for people like you. We’ve brought the best elements of our personal training studio into a state-of-the-art gym setting. Not only do our members get unlimited access to our high-tech gym floor, they receive all the direct support that they need from our highly-skilled Personal Trainers.

No matter what your goal is, our Personal Trainers will put together a custom-designed workout plan that’s unique to you, as well as providing expert Meal Plans, complete with Recipe Guides and shopping lists – so all you need to do is follow the plan, and enjoy your results!

We often say that our Personal Trainers are worth their weight in gold – and once you’ve spent some time with them, you’ll see exactly why! Your monthly gym membership includes plenty of advice, motivation and encouragement from our Personal Training Team within our packed timetable of PT-Workshops and Seminar sessions. If you feel like you’d like even more 1:1 attention, then you’ll be able to upgrade to one of our 1:1 Personal Training Packages, with one of 20 elite PT’s.

Years of experience have taught us that people see results faster when they have the right support – and that visible results increase motivation and lead to lasting change. Imagine what you could achieve if you could have all your questions answered and all your problems solved – and a community of positive, fun-loving people cheering you on.

Skill Sessions, Seminars and Workshops in Croydon

Not only do we work one-on-one with individuals to create their optimised fitness plans, we also host regular seminars and skill sessions – complementary to our members – aimed at helping to increase their knowledge base to help them create real, lasting change in their lifestyles.

State-of-the-art fitness app

You’ll also get access to our app, where you can find everything you need to follow your PT-designed plan. As well as your personalised workout schedule and nutrition plan, you’ll be able to access class timetables and video tutorials, as well as tracking tools such as entering your own measurements and progress pictures.

From studio to gym space

Tom Riddick, Director, founded MyPT Studio – a thriving personal trainer studio in central Croydon – in 2012. After many years working in the health and fitness industry, Tom wanted to offer an unrivalled personalised service for his clients. Now, along with fellow Director Danny Wallace, he’s taking the concept to the next level for MyPT The Gym members.

Tom says: ‘We know from experience that many run-of-the-mill gyms can be boring, and that can be incredibly demotivating – making exercise feel like a chore. MyPT The Gym is the antithesis of dull. We’ve created an innovative, fun environment, where you get personal interaction and assistance with every visit. We know that most gyms don’t provide the support, structure, discipline and education that is needed to create lasting change – and that’s where we excel.’

MyPT The Gym offers:

  • Facilities – state-of-the-art equipment in a brand-new, 10,000 square foot luxury gym – complete with towel service and a relaxing sauna
  • Training – custom-built exercise programmes guarantee progress towards your personal goals, while our PTs are on hand to guide you through every workout
  • Nutrition – our easy-to-follow, expert meal plans ensure optimum nutrition, while our seminars impart the knowledge required to create lasting lifestyle change
  • Community – connect with an incredible group of positive, like-minded individuals, skilled Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coaches

We bring all of these elements together into one powerful, transformative package that is uniquely designed for you. Real results, guaranteed.